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Ideable is newly started firm that specializes in the creation and implementation of innovative ideas that makes everyday life easier.



Business Idea

The business idea is to invent, develop and protect the new products and business solutions and then sell the rights for these solutions to companies that are already established on the market for the particular innovation. By doing this the products/solutions can faster and easier reach out on the market and Ideable can keep a slim organization and focus on innovation.




Ideable is at this moment a one person firm. It is built up around Per Stenholm who is the firms Vice Director and its chief inventor. The firm is driven in Mr. Stenholms free time but will become a fulltime occupation when the workload gets great enough. When needed the firm will also expand and employ necessary workforce.


Although the firm now is a one mans show it has a close cooperation with Blekinge Bussiness Incubator and ALMI Företagspartner. These two Swedish cooperation’s have a lot of experience within innovation and business economy, which is important for Ideable, and their goal is to get new profitable businesses started. This is a cooperation which serves all parts well.




Per Stenholm is an Architect and Planner. He studied in Sweden and Germany and has work experience from these two countries and from Vietnam. Mr. Stenholm is Swedish-American and works for IAA Architecten in Enschede in the Netherlands.

Per Stenholm has a lot of experience within creative work and has been involved with innovations for the three latest years. 

For further information on Per Stenholm, please visit his personal web page.



Ongoing projects

- As a results of his research project on the sustainability prospects of cities and villages, Per Stenholm has published the Book "City Village of To-morrow", see:
In order to further spread the results of his research, Per is now working on a short movie to broadcast and raise awareness on these important issues. You have now the chance to be a part of this project: Kickstarter

- Inventive solutions for advertisement

- Inventive clothing

- Innovative construction allowing extremely low-cost, flexible, individual buildings with high aesthetic quality being built




Ideable is always open for new contacts and possible cooperation.

Please contact us if you have any questions, want further information or need new creative ideas for your business.


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